Let’s be real with one another, if something sucks it SUCKS and thats not being negative, it’s just stating the facts.

I’m an optimist who’s also a realist and I don’t care for people that try and candy coat bullshit because shit is shit and all shit stinks like shit even after you spray it with Fabreze. Who are they fooling! 

Life will have ups and downs

  • Life will play with your emotions
  • Your feelings will get hurt
  • Life won’t always be fair
  • And we won’t always understand what it is we’re going through or even struggling with

This is okay because every experience is an opportunity for us to learn and grow, and we don’t always need all the answers to move forward.
Perspective is the most important element of living an abundant life, but not just any perspective because having the wrong one will suck the life right out of you.
I look at it like this, having the right perspective is the difference between living or just living to die.
Storms in life will come, but remember this to shall pass and once the storms pass the clouds give way to the sun and on a rare occasion a rainbow to boot.
In other words, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, but if you’re finding it hard to see than I recommend you light that bitch yourself because no one’s going to light it for you, but you.
Although life can be dark and even painful at times, if we hold on and persevere, a new day will dawn and the sun will rise again because that’s just how life is. Personally, I think it f****g incredible. 

And more often than not, the joy that follows will overshadow the pain we had to endure and before you know it your seemingly negative experience becomes a distant memory lost in the pages of history. And you don’t need to go back to relive it!

Consider the example of a woman giving birth;
She endures (not without reason) incredible pain while giving birth, but once the child is born, she immediately forgets the pain she had just endured.
Because she’s now overwhelmed with the joy of having just given birth to her newborn baby. She endured because of the hope of what was to come out of her suffering.
And it’s the same with life!
The pain we must endure for a time can be unbearable, it’s real and pain hurts, that’s the nature of pain. It’s okay to cry and even scream to help release the pressure, caused by the pain. After all that’s the purpose of crying and screaming, isn’t it? Can I hear an AMEN?
Consider the following analogy;
A diamond must endure tremendous amounts of pressure and intense heat over time before it ever become’s a diamond. Does the diamond fight it? No, it embraces the process by allowing nature to perform its intended work because the diamond’s hope is fixed on becoming what nature intended for it to become, a diamond.
Are you not meant to shine 
Interestingly, even the sun can become an annoyance at times, 

If you want to turn your negative experiences into positive ones, embrace them by choosing to actively learn from them. Then you’ll never have a bad experience go to waste ever again.

In fact, that’s exactly how you get recharged with positive energy.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Easier said than done!”.

However, once you’ve put this into practice long enough it becomes a habit and that’s when climbing cliffs and jumping out of airplanes becomes exciting because now you’re living for the adventure and not just living to die.

No adventure is without fear, just don’t let fear keep you from living your adventure!

Just think about it.

**By Joseph oshiole **



This life is beautiful as the saying that all things bright and beautiful all creation great and small the lord God made them all.  Every body life is a story and a movie because any body that read or watch it respectively get entertained.  Have you ever taught about the story of your life, the things you did all the fun you had. The best time you had with your friends ,what was the craziest thing you did that you can never forget that when ever you think of those moments you see your self  smilling or blushing.  Best time are always remembered by looking at the old times pictures you took at different occasions, locations and places   I want you to do more of that because anything that makes you happy gives you more life                MEDICINE FOR LIFE  HAPPINESS  is the first medicine to life 
Happiness is free so be happy
Happiness is free so be happy you don’t need money to buy it you have it within your reach
When you are happy you can’t be WIEGH down.  When life gives you a thousand reasons to frown give it a million reasons to smile  Happiness m part of your life. Sorrows are only to make you strong and give you a lesson and a reason to live. Sorrow is the headache of life while happiness is the pain killer in life  So be happy                           LOVE  LOVE is what ever you understand  it to be but never misunderstand it for hatred . You can never love to be alive if you don’t love your self  and your neighbors.  If you should develop hatred for anybody you will never enjoy any moment with them  The golden rule of God is LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU SELF. THEN HE ALSO SAID FORGIVE YOUR BROTHER SEVENTY SEVEN TIMES SEVEN TIMES A DAY  With this you would have known that when you are hating on any body you are actually  hurting yourself because when ever you see them you will feel unhappy or otherwise.  Love is not a privilege but a prestige.  Its better to love and lust than never loving at all. This might be the hardest thing to do loving those who hate you but I put you to you that your haters will tell you congratulations if you love them despite there hate. No body can actually hate you but they only jealous you .love from the bottom of your heart, no matter what let brotherly love continue. GOOD CHARACTER DONT JUSY ACT IT BE IT        


Understanding the marriage institution. 

Marriage is an institution of which when you get admitted you can’t graduate that is to say there is no graduation in marriage. 

How it all started doesnt count but understanding that marriage is a life time appointment and make the necessary amends before going into it. 



People who go into marriage nowadays are some how not prepared am saying this because they are still ignorant to the will and obligations of marriage. 

   How ever through marriage family is formed and this marriage begins with a boy and a girl whom title of matrimony make them man and woman as well as husband and wife now let me start with the wife.

 Many of the Youth mothers today like I said are ignorant of the will and obligations of marriage they think it some affairs you willingly go into of which is wrong .

Some women get married and change to be a queen as in turning their husbands to be a slave many of them don’t even know how to calm their husbands they don’t even know there husband too well, don’t get me wrong when I say you feel like a queen you are a queen while your husband is a king and not a prince so when you are a queen in the palace will you always leave the palace for an eatry will you consume your time making noise up and down as a queen you are to be in the palace and monitor and as well motivate your husband the king. 

As a wife I don’t mean you should stay always at home and become a full house wife except for a good reason but if you are that wife that prefer sitting at home all in the name of am married my husband will get me all I need you will be worthless very soon and you will make your husband look at  for that his secretary at the office, BECAUSE MEN LIKE SMART WOMEN. 


Featured image by Gkross precious 

  • Start planning how you will run your family as soon as you start preparing for marriage. 

  • Read books concerning marriage to gain knowledge 

  • When you finally enteryour husband house  start studying your husband understand the remaining 55,percent of your husband. 

  • Take a book write everything about your husband take note of things he likes and what he don’t like and try to understand his moods and know how to quench it .

NOTE: misunderstanding will always come. When such happened as the woman of the house be the first to be quiet because men hate it when there wivies claim right no man can always accept to be wrong. 

  • When he has cool down meet him politely and explain to him tell  him you were sorry 

You don’t have to be wrong before you say am sorry 

Make sure you strive with him. 

Above all if your husband is not the understanding type pray for him.

  • And if you he is claiming wise you as a woman should play the fool and your glory will come in full. 


Art work at Gkross precious, today’s mood on creative mind


Moreover the man is the head of the house being the head does not make you a god  be a man of ordinary character to your wife don’t be too hard or hash on her she deserves your care and love women are like pet if you show them love they will not hurt you. 

Being married does not make your wife your slave you don’t have to go beyond her likes and don’t. Try and understand her as well and never forget to admire her never forget to say sorry when things are wrong if she offend you call her and advice her she is your wife and till death do you part. 

     *SECRET OF A HAPPY * *                           MARRIAGE 

The secret of  a good and lasting marriage is not actually love but friendship 

If there is friendship in marriage love will abide to bond you in unity, let me quickly tell you what friendship actually means. Friendship means she can inconvenient you and  you can do as well when you had misunderstanding don’t let it get to the next day because friends always forgive each other and they love each other for who they are so by the time you prolong issues it get worse. 

Never beat your wife a man who beat his wife is a monster and you won’t like to be one

You the wife control your mouth for women are known to have a rapping tongue when it comes to anger and gossip. 

Cook for your husband for the key to a man’s heart is through is belly…. 

Everything that happen should be between you too only know the kind of issues you share with friends .

Never forget the three magic words. I love you, am sorry and thank you so never forget to say them at the right time 

Any marriage can work 

Marriage is about sacrifice :learn to make sacrifices learn to let go .GOOD CHARACTER DONT ACT IT BUT BE IT….. 

Marriage is an institution of which when you get admitted you can’t graduate and an exam which you can’t copy somebodys own because they all have different questions to answer. I want you all that is readings this to make amends and then you will see your marriage going on well and for you that is still single follow the steps of marriage. 

Thank you for reading Pls click on the follow button to follow me to get more motivational write up. Please like and comment as well as share together we can make the world a better place. 

Written by: Joseph. O 

TWO FACES OF LIFE you need to read this.

Every body has a start which they will not know if they are not told, we all started from some where and undergoes different process or stages  to get to somewhere this can be in mechanism or physical stages of life. 

However how we started doesn’t matter but how we end is the remarkable thing and this is were our whole stages of life should be centered on. Life may start in an horrible way it might be difficult as well as frustrating but what so  ever happened should not be what you will reflect on but the you surviving despite the tribulation should be what you should think about. 

The question you should always ask your self is how did you survive? And why did I survive, the main  aim of man is  not to exist but to live. 

  1. HOW DID I SURVIVE?             You surviving is not by your effort but by the natural force that the supernatural has incorcate in you that what they call hope.                                              Humans have this machine in them that work all the time, for instance when ever you got lost into a tuaght this machine  drive you back to your real sense which reminds you that you almost run down by changing your point of concentration, that why it is called HOPE  machines.  You can’t always think of bad’s things you think of good things as well and this are things that you wish they should have happened to you that is the internal force of hope that is telling you that things can be better as well as good.  So let be up with hope and down with dope.                                   

2 NOW WHY DID  I SURVIVE?     Like I said earlier this is what you should always think about why did you survive after all you have been through. The reason why you have been existing is that there is hope for a better life. What ever might have happened to you in life happens for two reasons which are

  • THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO BRING YOU DOWN.           things of this categories happen either to depress your motivation or show you many reasons to quit they happen so fast that you cannt tell what  to do or think. No matter what ever might have happened just know that life comprises of up and down good and bad things happened but either that you find your self don’t be demotivated. 

THINGS HAPPENED TO MOTIVATE YOU.                        This category many people don’t acknowledge it because they think more of the situation and not the solution. I tell you today that what so ever that break you down is actually telling you to be strong the more you get strong the more powerful you are to concentrate and see the solution so be strong.  look into the mirror the only thing you see is you tell your self you are made to be great. Have you ever think of this? that people who eat very good food are not the most healthy once or the once that last long, people who eat less food last longer because of a situation different. problem always come no matter what no man can hide from his feelings cos they are part of him they always know we’re to find him so come on wake up keep your aid high and put a smile on your face don’t let the trouble weigh you down life is too short to worry ,  So good character don’t just act it but be it. And above all obey God.                                                            By Joseph oshiole 



Get motivated 

Don’t be scared when I say I will be gone

Later or sooner will this feeling be forgone

I drop down my my kneels to say them to God 

This feeling of bruises can it even be undone

I want you out there to know this

Am not dieing now cos of saying this

All you bigger don’t gat to be lazy 

Don’t sleep on that bed and act like you are dizzy

Stand up now and get your self to be busy

For some thing and not for nothing 

Get up Stand up I say to niggers

Just know your way cos all fingers are not equals

Don’t cos caos

Just be straight with out looking at your hators uhhh. 

Words of joe the best you can do and if you know you know


By oshiole Joseph 
Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be
 was the hilarious title of Oscar winning actress Simone Signoret’s memoir in 1978, and it’s truer than ever. Seeing the past through rose colored glasses is an increasingly myopic process, especially as technology makes giant strides forward and former modes of communication resound with an astounding obsolescence. As I handily crank out articles like this on my computer and shoot them to my editor via email, do you really think I miss the days when I had to type out a piece on a ratty Smith Corona, make changes with Wite-Out, scissors and Scotch tape, and then hand deliver the thing — sometimes in a blizzard or rain storm — to the publication, only to have to redo the whole process when a rewrite was required (after pre-Google fact-checking took up to an entire day)? Do you somehow assume that I long for a return to the time when I was terrified to leave the house because I could miss a business call? (In the ‘70s, answering machines were not prevalent and cell phones hadn’t yet been invented.) The time when I would regularly cut calls short — even with my own mother — for fear that someone more important, career-wise, might be trying to reach me? (There was no call waiting. You had to pray that anyone who’d gotten a busy signal would try again and again. And not talk too long.) Some survivors and observers longingly look back at eras like that as “a simpler time” and “a more personal moment,” but for a writer like me, it was actually a personal nightmare.

* * *

As a long-running journalist who’s often called upon to recreate past decades in the culture for articles and documentaries, I myself am not immune to falling into the old fogey trap of overly glorifying what’s dead and buried, while expressing dismay at the new and now. “In MY day…” is a phrase I studiously try to avoid, but I sometimes find it irresistible because I was actually in the middle of various pivotal scenes and lived to tell about them, and besides, in my day, things were newer to me, and therefore more exciting. The first movie I saw was obviously more thrilling than the one I saw last night, and my first writing assignment was even more enthralling than this one (though I didn’t appreciate having to hand-deliver it in a storm). Holding onto that newness after all these years as a punishment against more recent developments is an easy landmine to step on because the past is safe and commodified. It’s already happened, so it can’t morph, or change course. It’s reliable and comforting, not reaching out to threaten or challenge you, especially since it’s vaguely distorted through the lens of memory. Any displeasure one has with their current life tends to bring on exaggerated yearnings for the old days, mainly because what you’re experiencing now is vividly real, whereas what’s bygone is like a black and white movie that you can colorize at will. And in the process of remembering, we tend to erase with our own mental Wite-Out all the horrific aspects of old technology, like typewriters, which held us back. (I find myself doing this when a new editor asks for me to adopt the latest technology: collaborative editing in Google Docs.)

Seeing the past through rose colored glasses is an increasingly myopic process, especially as technology makes giant strides forward and former modes of communication resound with an astounding obsolescence.

One familiar nostalgia exercise happens when people — whether they were alive back then or not — lazily compare the best of the past with the worst of the present. In cases like that, the past will always win. Comments like “Gotti is no Casablanca”; “Donald Trump can’t compare to JFK”; and “Tweets aren’t as literate as books” are useless because they reduce contrasting eras to false equivalencies that hold no weight whatsoever. That said, if we can reverse the game rules for a second, Roma is definitely better than Howard The Duck.

People also seem to nostalgically mist over about their college years, and I’m one of them, fondly remembering the bold new experiences, learning adventures, and group activities I had as a teen at Columbia College. What I usually edit out in my mind is the fact that I had chronic bad skin that Vaseline facials made even worse, plus I was painfully shy, experienced deep depressions, and had no idea what I was going to do once I graduated. This was my first time away from home, so I felt seriously disoriented as I was forced to grow up way more rapidly than I was comfortable with. I eventually made it as a gay gossip columnist, but back at Columbia, I hadn’t the faintest idea how I would end up paying the rent or if I’d survive at all. But when people ask me about college, I usually just say it was an eye-opening four years that expanded my mind and opportunities.

And then came the alleged glory days of American culture that I got to experience — the fabled past. New York City in the late 1970s is largely remembered as a time when the legendary disco Studio 54 attracted a glamorous crowd who danced and partied with abandon. I was lucky to be among the chosen few who got in (usually), but what most people forget is that disco arose as a hedonistic way to check your mind at the door and boogie into the night until you dropped. The war in Vietnam and the Watergate scandal had wrecked the public’s faith in the government, and New York was particularly bleak and ratty at this point, so people lined up to lose themselves for some mindless entertainment and line dances. It was tremendous fun for revelers — downstairs was the celebrity drug area, upstairs was a balcony for anonymous sex, and the main floor was for dancing — but nothing to really brag about, especially since the other denial-prone shtick in the air included “happy face” images and lame sitcoms like Three’s Company. Subtext often gets lost in the telling of history — only the sexy disco beat and fab outfits are recalled, not the dark motivations that they were a symptom of.

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I came even more into my own in the 1980s, when I landed a weekly column in the Village Voice and found myself at the center of the burgeoning nightclub scene, filled with bohemians and artists. But a lot of those people were just using the scene to nab some press en route to mainstream success. I was one of their primary publicity dealers, so I was swarmed by fabulosities every night, but also by a lot of no-talent nightmares angling to cook up any way to nab a mention. The era of dazzling club “celebutantes” was also a time of yuppies, gentrification, ‘round the clock networking, and Madonna’s relentless, take-no-prisoners drive to make it big — an act of tunnel vision I witnessed up close (which is somehow now remembered as sort of endearing). The big-haired era brought some deafeningly (expensively) bombing movies (Heaven’s Gate in 1980, Ishtarin 1987) and possibly the four worst sitcoms of all time: Punky Brewster (about an irritating moppet and an old man), Small Wonder (a robotics engineer passes off a charmless robot as his daughter), ALF (a wisecracking Alien Life Form that won’t shut up), and She’s The Sheriff (Suzanne Somers’ return, which made Three’s Company look like the work of Eisenstein.) In music, Phil Collins’ droning “Sussudio” was a low point, along with Bobby McFerrin’s chirpy “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (which always managed to depress me) and the fraudulent schlock of Milli Vanilli, the pop duo who were as dubbed as Lina Lamont in Singin’ in the Rain.

Even Broadway was in such a spiral that in 1985, three major Tony categories were eliminated because of the dearth of award-worthy talent on display. As for “the edge” that so many New Yorkers now miss so desperately, that didn’t only involve struggling artists doing their thing; it also included a lot of muggings and other crimes, along with a mounting AIDS toll, as President Reagan turned a blind eye, and fiery activism rose up to fight that. Going to those clubs where I would commune with both the icons and the nightmares was scary, since you had to constantly look behind you as you walked the streets, and in certain crime-ridden neighborhoods — like Hell’s Kitchen, where the streets were desolate and scary— you sometimes had to run faster than an Olympic sprinter. Today, there are virtually no “bad neighborhoods” left in Manhattan. Today, the people who complain that New York has lost its edge generally either live in high-rise co-ops or moved to far-away cities where you get a terrace and a garage. And while Manhattan truly has become a place for rich people and chain stores, the edge has simply moved to other boroughs, like Brooklyn, where nightlife and performance art thrive thanks to better space and economic options. So, the old edge wasn’t all fabulous and the new edge isn’t all gone, but it’s easier for some to reduce all that to a nostalgic yelp of “I love the ‘80s!”

* * *

Nineties nostalgia is all the rage right now, with sitcom reboots, musicals based on movies from Pretty Woman toClueless, and various small-screen crime reenactments. Two decades after any era, the culture tends to start aggressively looking back at that period, raiding cobweb-laden coffers in order to appeal to people’s memory banks and bank accounts. But the decade that brought us O.J. Simpson, Jonbenet Ramsey, Andrew Cunanan, John Wayne Bobbitt, the club kid murder, the Menendez brothers (who were apprehended in March 1990), Woody Allen/Soon-Yi Previn, and the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair is nothing to lust for that enthusiastically. Add then-NYC-mayor Rudy Giuliani’s assault on Manhattan nightlife as he Disneyfied the city, plus the ascent of reality TV, grunge, supermodels, and premium cable (making it suddenly OK for all my friends to stay home glued to the tube rather than hit the town), and I couldn’t wait for December 31, 1999.

Soon, it’ll be time for the inevitable aughts revival — followed, of course, by the teens — when we’ll have parades in the street to commemorate the rise of important cultural icon Paris Hilton, as well as the emergence of the scintillating Kardashian clan, when in actuality they steal whatever brain cells are left in us after mind-crushing days spent reading Facebook posts about Adam Levine’s tattoos and Roseanne’s meltdowns. But I’m falling into the trap of putting down the present again. Let me stomp on those rosy glasses once and for all and rethink this with my own eyes. The truth is, we don’t only have the Kardashians, selfies, hash tags, and irritating “influencers.” We also have Jordan Peele, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Blunt, and Adam McKay. We have Fresh Direct and poke bowls and kale and texting and a million awards shows. We have Maxine Waters, electric bikes, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Open Table, and ancestry sites. And while hookup apps may have helped eviscerate nightlife — because you no longer have to go to a bar or club to meet a partner — it’s certainly made romance a lot easier to navigate.

Any time I start fantasizing about being transplanted as an adult back into the 1960s, when there was peace, love, and mod fashion, I remind myself that it was also a time when gays could be arrested for holding hands.

Any time I start fantasizing about being transplanted as an adult back into the 1960s, when there was peace, love, and mod fashion, I remind myself that it was also a time when gays could be arrested for holding hands, and there’s little chance that I would have flourished by just being myself. So the present is great! I’ve made it and I’m still here! Yes, there are horrid elements, but there always were and always will be. Let’s agree to acknowledge that right now is the golden age of certain things (streaming, documentaries, diversity in entertainment, cross-pollination in cuisine), while a lot of yesteryear’s milestones — like “discipline,” smoking, and Lawrence of Arabia — weren’t really all that. And for those who loathe Donald Trump and as a result are suddenly looking fondly back at George “Dubya” Bush, let me remind you that you probably once protested that he had invented the threat of mass destruction to involve us in an ungodly war. Remember??? Michelle Obama likes “Dubya” and Trump doesn’t, but that shouldn’t translate into Dems rewriting history and making him a belated hero.

Agreed? Now let me press “send” so I can deal with suggested edits in Google Docs.

* * *

Michael Musto is a weekly columnist for NewNowNext.com and a freelance writer for outlets from the New York TimesStyles section to the Daily Beast. He was the longtime author of the “La Dolce Musto” entertainment and nightlife column for the Village Voiceand has authored four books, including the non-fiction guide “Downtown” and the roman a clef novel “Manhattan on the Rocks.” Musto is an awards-related commentator for Goldderby.com and as such appears on CNN to discuss the Oscars and other entertainment topics.

Editor;heavens flight

* * *


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